Water Awareness Course

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Water Awareness & Enterprise Supporting Sovereignty

I am starting the journey to share knowledge, propose solutions & develop innovations to transform towards health & sovereignty:  This requires building awareness of the issues, knowledge about options & then practical & implementable solutions & enterprises:  Working with Maneka Helleberg WFA, we are building on her knowledge & entrepreneurship in Water Enterprises:

Together with Custodean.com & Custodean Institute, we have developed our first course on:

‘Water Awareness & Enterprise supporting Sovereignty’:

It is free & online from: 18th – 23rd July:

With online live events at: Noon 12.00 CET (11.00am Dublin) on Saturday 22nd July 2023:

Follow up Q&A feedback & engagement: same time Saturday 29th July 2023::

During this session, we give you a presentation of our background, why we have created this training and provide you with an introduction to the topics we will cover.

 In this session, we will dive into the broader vision that we are aiming to create& show the potential for positive change through empowerment.

Understanding the scientific aspects of water is crucial in appreciating its significance. In this session, we will explore the details of water science & the potential health impacts of toxic substances in water sources.

Special guest: Lotta Harming, Nurse, Sweden:

Financial integrity and freedom of speech are essential elements in supportingsovereignty. We will hear Lotta’s, Dolores’ & Maneka’s stories of their professional lives & how financial integrity is a corner stone forsupporting freedom of speech, inalienable rights, including bodily integrity& informed consent, high quality research & freedom to choose your worksituation without fear.