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Munster Session of the Dáil Éireann Courts Kilfenora Clare 11 11 2022

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi Speaking on Autopsies Shocking Heart Cell Death

What the World isn't Meant to Know About "those" Covid-19 Injections

Tucker Carlson with Professor Mattias Desmet

Latest News

Letter Before Action to MHRA (UK) of 17th December 2021

Letter Before Action to the Chair of the MHRA in the UK, Dolores is working with the UK team of solicitor Philip Hyland, who is representing Dr. Sam White and others.   The letter which is headed "Request for Undertakings for breaches of legal obligations and breaches...

Free Christmas Eve Zoom Event – December 24th – 5pm

1st Annual Custodean Carols by CandlelightAt 5pm (Dublin time) on Christmas Eve 2021 it will be time to get your candles ready, and prepare yourself the best comfy seat in the house to join Prof. Dolores Cahill and friends on Zoom – for 30 minutes of music for the...

August 2022

Spotlight on Ireland Part 1: Now let's put the spotlight on the Irish Court System

Spotlight on Ireland Part 2: The Oireachtas has Committed Fraud and the Judiciary know

Spotlight on Ireland Part 3: Judges Have No Lawful Power To Hear Statutory Court Cases

Spotlight on Ireland Part 4: Fraud, Deception and a Cover Up by the Shelling of The Four Courts

Spotlight on Ireland Part 5: Statutory Court Were NEVER Established In Ireland

July 2022

John O'Looney FD on the "Covid Jab" Dead Babies Scandal - from The Dolores Cahill Show

Prof. Sucharid Bachti's Compelling Talk at the
Doctors for Covid Ethics
Fourth Symposium June 11th 2022

June 2022

Real Data Analysis : Medical Conditions of the Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

Prof. Sucharid Bachti's Compelling Talk at the
Doctors for Covid Ethics
Fourth Symposium June 11th 2022

CLINTEL Conference presentation by Prof. William Happer Princeton University

Headwind21 Documentary - Marijn Poels and Alexander Pohl

May 2022

Reiner Fuellmich's Grand Jury Day 2 - Alex Thomson

Prof. Dolores Cahill - Law versus Legal - A Speech That Shocked the World - Uncensored

Global Covid Summit 2022

Fluoride Documentary - Poison on Tap (2015)

[MUST SEE!] - THE PLAN Documentary (31 min) - WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics

April 2022

Shocking Truth Bomb from British Cardiologists who found Covid19 mRNA Injections linked to Heart Disease but Refuse to Make Public

Truth Bomb on Australian Television! - The Footy Show

Vote 1 Dr Anne McCloskey for Foyle on May 5th East L'Derry Consituency Elections

Prof. Dolores Cahill supports the #talaomdet Initiative Raising Awareness of Adverse Events in Stockholm, Sweden April 30th 2022